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International Journal of Novel Researches in Sciences, Technology and Engineering (IJNRSTE)



International Journal of Novel Researches in Humanities, Social Sciences and Management (IJNHSSM)


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Oasis International Research Institute (OIRI) has zero tolerance for plagiarism in all her journal series. One of the steps we take in curbing plagiarism is running a check on all the articles being published with different plagiarism checker. After that, a report of our findings will be send to the author. We might ask the authors to rewrite their articles depending on the plagiarism checkers’ report. Next will be the author to download, handfill and send a scanned copy of our copyright form.

Processing Charge

As a non profit organization, No Publication fee is charged for article submission. However, you are required to pay a processing fee for review of manuscript and website maintenance. Copyright form and proof of payment must be attached during final article submission.


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Authors’ Guideline

Papers submitted should not be under concurrent consideration at another journal.
Any potential data overlap with previous studies should be noted and described in the letter to the Editor. 

The manuscript should be in ‘Times New Roman’ font style with font size of 12, single line spacing and double column and must adhere to the OIJ guidelines.

Files should be submitted in Microsoft Word format.

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Oasis International Researchers Forum

Be a member of Oasis International Researchers Forum. A team that promote education globally, provide a platform for exchange of innovative ideas among academia, organize conferences, workshop and seminars where findings from various research studies will be intellectually discussed as well as encourage young researchers in their various field of studies.


Submission FAQs

How much time does it take to complete a review?

Domain experts and domain peers will review every submission thoroughly. Review process will take 14 days or more in some occasions.

I have not received any Oasis International Journal notification even after 15 days of submission?

Sometimes the notification email may mistakenly enter your spam folder instead of your inbox as directed. This depends on your email spam settings. To prevent this, we advise that you add our email address to your email directory. However if you have checked all these and still have not gotten notification, kindly contact us on Your request shall be processed within 24 hours.

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